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  • "Happiness is a choice, CHOOSE it Daily!"

Can we Talk?

Being able to communicate is a wonderful gift. But being able to communicate effectively is a God send. Yet in our social-media driven, hypenated world, good effective communication has all but disapered.
Take a look at talk TV, or even some of the chatter on the 24-hour news programs and basically all you hear is yelling, overtalking, interuptting, and insults. Seems no one is talking anymore.
This article may be of some help in building effective communnication skills.

Stop Driving Yourself Crazy! 

Learn to stop letting things that happen "without", affect your joy "within".

Taking the Stress out of Change

Change happens in life, and when it does it matters how you accept and deal with it.  Resistance to change is a huge cause of negative stress....



Taking life as it is!

How you can cruise in life without sinking the boat.(Coming Soon)