"Living An Amazing Life is a Choice you Make Every Day!"
  • "Life is What Happens when You're Busy Making Plans - John Lennon"
  • "Fear is the Absence of Faith!"

Training and Seminars

IIn the future we have plans to provide seminars based on Mr. McAtamney's books, and lessons on how to live the Amazing Life!  Keep checking back.  Each planned seminar is described below.

Stress - It's all in your Head

IIt's stressful living in today's hectic/connected world. Stress - pressure - is all around us, but many do not have the tools to effectively manage life on life's terms and do so without going crazy. 

Clear Communication

What we say and mean when we say it is important if we want people to understand what we are saying.  But it's often harder said - than done.  This course will teach you how to effectively communicate your message and ensure that those who hear it understand it.

Effective Management and Leadership

Supervisors aren't born, they're made into leaders when they learn the proper tools.  This course based on T.P. McAtamney's experience as a Sergant in the US Army, will use the same principles proved under fire to help supervisors effectvely lead their employees.

How to Get Along with Anyone

We live in a big world, about 7 billion people.  We however only meet with a fraction of that in our lifetime and most times get along with only 20 percent of them.  You can't please everyone, but you can win over even the most disagreeable people with the proper skills.