"Living An Amazing Life is a Choice you Make Every Day!"
  • "What you Think is Who you Are!"
  • "Happiness is a choice, CHOOSE it Daily!"

Helpful Articles and Tips!

Welcome to our free articles page where T.P. McAtamney will give you helpful tips and insights to living to the fullest.   Check back often! 

Stop Driving Yourself Crazy! 

Learn to stop letting things that happen "without", affect your joy "within".

Taking the Stress out of Change

Change happens in life, and when it does it matters how you accept and deal with it.  Resistance to change is a huge cause of negative stress....

Effective Communication.  

How to speak and LISTEN to anyone to get the most valuable information you need in life.

Taking life as it is!

How you can cruise in life without sinking the boat.(Coming Soon)